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Q&A (questions and answers)

What difference is there between providing “at home care”(HAD) and working in a service that provides help and some care to a patient at his home?

“At home care” HAD has for mission to avoid and/or shorten a patient hospitalization, while help and care services to maintain a patient at home are organized during a longer period.

Does an “at home care” HAD admission allow for a better relationship with the patient (time, understanding of patient’s needs, questions and answers)?

“At home care” HAD admission allow an authentic relationship, The nurse is the patient’s guest. The right time is allotted to execute a specific time of treatment and there are no distractions.

Is the course to care for a patient more complicated at home since professionals are not all gathered under one umbrella – the hospital for example?

Information is centralized under an electronic patient file accessible by all at all time (via internet). Coordination of treatment at home is performed under efficient HAD protocol.
Written procedures and protocols allow for traceability and security.

The patient’s entourage is an important element. What advices can you give to families and friends in order to live well with an HAD admission of a relative?

Indeed the patient’s entourage is very important.
The family is primary care giver of the patient but nurses will be of a support.
We advise the family to call without hesitation with any questions or concerns, we like to reassure people in this case that they are not along and that “at home care” is available 24h/24h.
We strive constantly to adapt our protocols in order to better answer the family and the patient’s needs. We advise and guide one step at a time people on the advancement and progression of the disease they are facing.