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At home hospital (HAD) benefits any individual requiring coordinated medical and paramedical care from the beginning to the end of life. In the absence of this kind of service a patient would remain in a hospital or within a structure instead of there home for special care. HAD is offered under medical prescription.

The treatments under the care of Sitex are prescribed to a patient following a hospitalization, a consultation at the hospital or admittance to an emergency room, a visit to an oncologist or a primary care doctor; for which a hospitalization can be avoided.

HAD ensures a global and coordinated care for the patient within a familiar environment. This assistance enables the patient to receive their treatments and participate in the improvement of their health.

HAD generally and efficiently aims to shorten, to delay or avoid the patient hospitalization. It is the result of a common decision between the doctor, the team that provides at home care, the patient and their family or close circle.

For more than 25 years, the Department of Health in Geneva supports HAD, which is developed as an integral part of the health network’s offers.

The recognition of “public utility” of Sitex by the department of Health is proof of the direction the administration is choosing.