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Patient Admission

Request for Admission.
Please call Sitex with the following information:
Name and other information for the Patient
Name of referring doctor(s)
Type of treatment and duration, Start date for patient care
Health insurance information, and Card Number
Please fax us the prescription

Procedures for doctors’ offices:
In the case of a at home hospitalization (HAD), Sitex provides the prescribed medication for the treatment.
Following the doctor’s instructions, we will inform your office regularly of the evolution of the treatment and the patient’s state of health by phone, fax or via emails.
We will indicate personally to your office crew how to access the patient’s digital file, which is updated by each person of our team from the patient’s domicile at the time of visit.

A nurse coordinator and a pharmacist from Sitex at the hospital directly evaluate the situation, in order to organize the return to one’s domicile in the best conditions possible. While starting the treatment at a patient’s home; the evaluation is conducted upon the first visit.
The waiting period for an admission depends on the emergency request and is a case-by-case basis.