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Sitex SA from January 2017 is 100% part of VIVISOL and SOL group

VIVISOL, a SOL group company, operates in the framework of homecare in the healthcare setting by managing medical and curative therapies at home.

Hence, VIVISOL is a "homecare service provider" that focuses on "IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF LIFE" of chronic patients, whose therapy is delivered either at home or in comfortable residential facilities.

Sitex is a service provider specialized in “at home hospital” care. The company was created in 1991 and works within norms of quality such as 9001:2008 ISO Certification since March 2007. Sitex’ growing activity (growth) is linked to the company and the teams’ experience and an excellent know-how within the domain of hospice care. Sitex multidisciplinary team, a mix of pharmacists and nurses working hand in hand for the last 25 years treating patients placed under Sitex’ care by trusting doctors.

Our mission:
To avoid or shorten a hospitalization of the patient
To provide hospital care and treatments of patient in their home
To ensure the continuity of care to patients
To further develop safety and transparency of the computerized medical files
To reinforce a professional know-how or expertise
To conciliate the feasibility of HAD care within the family structure

Our values:
To Respect and Listen.
We act with rigor, competence, integrity and equity; according to the best practices and We cooperate with all health professionals.